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We're profitable, growing rapidly, and future-proofing with a ground-up build of our long-term infrastructure using microservices hosted on AWS/Terraform/ECS/Docker. Be a founding member.
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Your free trial unlocks access to 28 in-depth workshops on React, Redux, Node, FE DevOps and Async programming
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Kief Morris
Docker Pirates
A transport layer protocol that draws on both TCP and UDP.
Anmol Sarma
Russ Mckendrick
The New Stack
A fascinating (and long) story from the Internet of the 1990s.
Managing databases in today's environments presents many complex problems. See the impact in this 2016 survey.
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Gojko Adzic
It’s basically a 45 foot long shipping container.
Amazon Web Services, Inc.​
Michael Jackson
Matt Adorjan
Máximo Cuadros
Dan Vittegleo
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