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In brief
The New Stack
A tool designed to monitor your application delivery infrastructure.
Let us take care of your ops and get your site performing at it's best! We've built one of the world's most robust and stable OaaS platforms that runs on top of your own AWS account. Ask for OpsCare today.
Pieter Hintjens
Jouke-Thiemo Waleson
High Scalability
Riemann aggregates events from your servers and applications with a powerful stream processing language.
Kyle Kingsbury
Provides insight into TCP by monitoring and analysing mass data collected from a running Linux kernel.
Things like which Web server, analytics tools, ad networks and frameworks are being used.
Catalin Rosu
Urban Airship
Could be handy for any dashboards or services you have.
Jia Hao
Phil Eaton
An academic paper.
Carné de Carnavalet and Mannan
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