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You will have front-to-back engineering and management ownership for our infrastructure (AWS, Firewalls, VPN, Confluence, Splunk, Jenkins..)
Centralway Numbrs
Want to work on a high-traffic, popular web app? Come and talk to us about Ruby, SmartOS, MySQL, Kafka or burritos.
In brief
Can be controlled via an API and attract no extra bandwidth charges.
HTTP contains cache control headers that can be used to define the freshness of a resource. Find out how to fine tune headers to keep content fresh.
Incapsula   sponsored 
Philip Walton
A community site aimed at helping site owners migrate to HTTPS with simple, tested processes.
John Turner
PC World
The New Stack
The UK Parliament’s petitions site during an anti-Trump petition drive, in particular.
Andrew White
Are AWS status reports misleading?
Matthew O'Riordan
Over 100 Hacker News threads with a variety of ideas and approaches.
Hacker News
DreamFactory turns your database into a comprehensive REST API. Free and open source, try it now.
DreamFactory   sponsored 
Adam Tauber
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